What do Austin, Texas; Boston, Mass; Dublin, Ohio; Tel Aviv, Israel; Lyon, France; and Wuhan, China have in common?

They’re among the dozens of cities either hosting autonomous vehicle (AV) trials or preparing for them.

Even cooler, each have entries in a new online resource that the Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Aspen Institute have developed that tracks programs with public participation and provides details on each one. Check it out here.

AVs in Cities map

From the About page:

We are continually adding cities to the Atlas as we learn about new AV initiatives. However, because our focus here is on helping cities learn from each other, this map only covers AV pilots and policymaking efforts where city, municipal, or metropolitan governments are playing a substantial role.

As the excerpt above notes, this isn’t an exhaustive list of AV activity. We’ve written about Atlanta’s sensor-focused work, for instance.

We’re also working closely with San Diego, which is a U.S. Department of Transportation-sanctioned AV proving ground. The San Diego region held its AV consortium kickoff  in mid-October, with industry, institutions and innovators in attendance. Learn more about the meeting and the SANDAG consortium here.

Other cities around the globe are following suit and we expect this list to grow rapidly in the coming months.

As AV technology advances and more lessons are learned, sharing information becomes more critical. This type of sharing is one of our raisons d’être here at ATI21—compilations like the Atlas only add to the bounty of valuable content that will benefit our community.