Rail & Transit

Freight and passenger systems are critical components to safely and efficiently moving goods and people. Control, safety systems and rolling stock have been advancing globally but have been deployed and varying rates with varying success across the globe. The Alliance for Transportation Innovation is committed to advancing the modernization of the rail system that is optimized using technology and innovation.

ATI21 Rail Transit

Innovations in transit are coming and not everything will involve technology. At the same time, driverless systems have proven themselves around the world but require a level of upgrading that most systems simply can’t afford. Expect new authorities and business models to be created to create more financially sustainable transit systems (think Hong Kong). Simple victories would be most welcome in the interim such as ubiquitous wi-fi and corresponding security capability as well as contactless and mobile wallet payments should be part of every system modernization plan. Recent innovations such as the self-sufficient New York City Transit On-the-Go kiosk system (that Alliance leadership played a key role in enabling) should also be something most transit systems should consider deploying. The Alliance for Transportation Innovation is committed to rethinking and transforming transit to shape modern, efficient and safe transit systems of the future.