Smart City

The interconnection of devices is at the core of transforming global transportation.   In the last decade we have seen a rapid expansion of inter-connected automation that will continue growing exponentially as new sensors and devices are being developed that are creating Internet of things (IoT) platforms to enable smarter transportation.  Gartner estimates that more than 26 billion devices will comprise the IoT by 2020 and the need to index, store, process and act on this data securely and reliably is critical.

ATI21 Smart City

IoT in transportation will enable everything from self-driving to autonomic logistics as transportation systems will be able to sense and respond to rapidly changing conditions. The proliferation of these capabilities will also create new levels of situational awareness and provide a level of redundancy and resiliency in navigation, control, and logistics systems.

The Alliance for Transportation Innovation will promote the awareness and expansion of secure and reliable internet-connected automation in transportation.