Aviation innovations hold the promise to dramatically improve the speed, safety and efficiency of the air transport system. Yet we continually allow bureaucratic obstacles to slow progress. From the implementation of a modernized air traffic control system that fully takes advantage of modern technologies to encouraging development and deployment of future hypersonic flight we’ve been slow to realize the dramatic benefits of these technologies because we’ve allowed bureaucracy to stifle innovation. We must also be mindful that ease of air travel by the paying consumer is a critical component of the system; one that is often ignored. In the United States for example, we have failed to take advantage of innovations in identity management and pre-screening that would allow passenger travel to be dramatically more efficient yet we continually put up an antiquated and inefficient process that is unnecessarily stressful, cumbersome and in some cases, confrontational. We have the potential to create a much more innovative, effective and efficient aviation system and the Alliance for Transportation Innovation is committed to creating an environment that makes air travel, freight movement and the air traffic control system more efficient and effective.

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