The Alliance for Transportation Innovation is dedicated to dramatically improving the safe and efficient movement of people and goods from origin to destination across all modes.

Despite well-intentioned efforts, stakeholders and regulators at all levels of government haven’t kept pace with the transformational capabilities we’ve seen developed and tested during the last decade across the transportation sector. Antiquated regulatory approaches and emotional reactions to hypothetical use cases without fully understanding the underlying capabilities, benefits and unintended consequences have already resulted in an unwieldy and unworkable patchwork of law, regulation and policy across federal, state and local governments that has effectively slowed the deployment of innovations ranging from drones to self-driving cars. While we agree that there are legitimate concerns that merit some level of control, the current ad hoc and uncoordinated regulatory approach is stifling the deployment of technologies that will save lives, improve public safety and drive efficiencies in the supply chain.

The Alliance for Transportation Innovation serves to advance the public interest by organizing outreach efforts focused on the stakeholder community and general public that describe the tremendous benefits that can be enabled by accelerating the deployment of 21st century transportation technologies and highlight critical issues and challenges. We will also be advocating a thoughtful, restrained, and coordinated regulatory approach while seeking to eliminate the most serious obstacles to deploying these transformational innovations.

ATI21 Advancing Innovation In Mobility

The Alliance for Transportation Innovation performs research aimed at advancing innovation in mobility.
Our original and sponsored research projects draw from leading thought leaders, investigators and PhDs across multiple disciplines with the aim of understanding trends, impacts and challenges associated with the transition to transforming the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.  We have joined with leading consumer electronics associations, trade publications and industry to produce high-quality, peer-reviewed research often with fast turn arounds.

ATI21’s work has identified significant challenges with public adoption and public policy related to accelerating self-driving; the critical need for Congressional intervention to modernize U.S. air space to accommodate drones, space flight and hypersonic flight; Global-readiness to adopt new mobility models such as Mobility-as-a-Service; Market-research regarding AV testing programs and plans; and other current projects in maritime, rail and position, navigation and timing.

For more information regarding sponsoring original research projects with the potential of advancing the knowledge to inform decision-making, contact ATI21’s research lead Dr. David Randall.